Keep your audience up to date on the latest event news with integrated news / blog articles.
To write an article go to Content > News and click Create News Article.




  1. Page Title - refers to title of article 
  2. Appears on Side List? - some templates display 3-5 news articles on the home page. Ticking this checkbox will promote this article and include it on the home page list. If you do not want this article to appear on that list, simple leave this un-checked. 
  3. Category - If you would like to organize your articles according to topic, you may wish to include or define a category of your news article. To create a new category, simply type into the category box, or, if you have existing categories, click to see the drop down list. 
  4. Allow Comments - If you a have a Disqus account and enabled that feature, end-users can leave comments on this article. To learn more about allowing comments, please see article:How to Integrate with Disqus 
  5. Teaser - short description of article appearing below title to encourage users to click forward. 
  6. Content - write the full article in this area.

Note: If 'News' does not appear on the main navigation bar on your home page, and you would like for it to appear as a link on your main menu, it is possible to Add or Remove this link by following the steps defined in this article: Enable or Disable News and Products Links on Your Main Menu. Make sure that Display News is clicked on for News to display on the navigation bar.


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