You can change the appearance of any visual element on a your site with CSS. This includes:

  • menus
  • text styles of menu items
  • links
  • buttons
  • text
  • image borders
  • spacing between images
  • calendars

With CSS alone you can handle many "tweaks" to perfect your template.
We recommend installing FireBug

To access your site's CSS, go to:
Store Information > Theme > 

This will show you your site's CSS file. You can edit it directly here.
We recommend making a backup copy first.

To learn more about CSS see:

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Example: Hide Calendar on Page


  1. With FireBug installed right click on the element, in this case the Calendar Box.
  2. Note the Div class or ID, in this case it's an DIV tag with ID ofheaderright
  3. Now update your theme's CSS file
    1. Log into your admin panel 
      1. Go to: Store Information > Themes > View. Then, click the title of your current theme and update the css.
  4. Add this to the CSS


       5. Save.