There are 2 pages on your site that display information in iFrames.

  1. Interactive seating chart page, appears below the chart
  2. On the ticket list page, appears below the table/list of tickets

Note - both of these pages only linked to from events where you are ticketing based on reserved spaces (not price groups/sections)
Be default the background color is white, you should change this color to match your site.

Here's an example of the iFrame with a white background:


To change this:

  1. Log into the Admin Panel
  2. Go to Store Information > Store Settings > Layout
  3. look for: Appearance and Back Color of IFrames


Select the color picker to change the color:
Select a new color for the palette.
Then click the save button.

Then return to your site to view your change.
In this case we now have a black background and it matches our site: