With SimpleTix, making badges or passes for your event is easier than ever!  Follow the steps below to get official credentials for your event!


  1. After you create your event and your attendees have signed up, go to the participant list.  
  2. Select the event you would like to make badges for.  
  3. Once on the participant list page, click Export to Excel

  4. Once you open up your excel spreadsheet, make sure you save it as a file name you will remember for the event.   The spreadsheet will include a number of columns, but the mandatory ones to make a proper badge are First Name, Last Name, Name of event, event time, and barcode number.

  5. Now that you have the data needed for your badges, go to a site like Conference Badge or similar to customize and print your tickets!


If you have various price groups for your conference/event, you can customize your badge to where each price group is color coded.  

For our example event, Baseball Conference, we had three tiers of admission:  General Admission, VIP, and General Admission with Workshop.

On the back-end of your site, these price groups look like this:



However, your attendees will see something different when purchasing tickets:



Once you go create your badges, you can group them so each price group has a different badge!  You can customize these to your liking!

You can see below how they are color coded on the bottom, as well as different text labeling the ticket type for the attendee.