To upload an event banner image for e-ticket layouts, follow these steps:

  1. In your SimpleTix admin panel, click on Manage > Events 

  2. Next, click on the event for which you want to enable ticket sales. 

  3. In the next window, make sure that the event is the one you want to change. Then, click on Advanced Setting and Options to show the green section where we need to change the settings.


  4. In the Advanced Setting and Options section, go to the e-Ticket Footer Banner and click on Select to add an image. This image will be shown on selected e-ticket layouts.


  5. Double-click on the image to add it as the event e-ticket footer banner. Then click on save event show at the bottom right of the window.

  6. Sample ticket in Layout A:


To change the event banner image, simply repeat the same steps and upload a new image.  However, any changes that are made after some tickets have been sold, will only reflect on the future tickets.  Tickets sold before will not be regenerated automatically, however you may wish to regenerate them in the box office manually.