SimpleTix generates e-Tickets automatically, however if you would like to:

  • Print custom tickets in your office and then mail them to your customers,
  • Send a spreadsheet with all the ticket data to a print shop, or
  • Physically mail a ticket style postcard to each customer

.. this article will explain how you can accomplish this.



Print Custom Tickets and Send to Customers:

Step 1:
Install this Excel Plugin:

Note: This same excel plugin enables you to generate custom sales reports!

Step 2:
Generate a query. You should start with the view v_Etickets

Step 3:
Now you can easily populate your spreadsheet with all of the data for your e-tickets.

Step 4:
Save this file.

Print Shop:

At this point you can send this file to a print shop to have your tickets printed.

Print Yourself:

In order to print tickets yourself, you will need 3 things:
   1. A Color Laser printer
   2. Paper - Card Stock Thickness
   3. MS Word or any program that allows print merge from an Excel Spreadsheet

   1. Now open up your ticket template
   2. Assign the template regions to match the spreadsheet columns.
   3. Run the print merge