There are several situations where your SimpleTix site will send out emails to end-users, informing them of orders made, sending e-tickets, etc.  In the Email Templates section, you will define what those emails say. 

In this example we will reference the forgot password email.

To edit an email template, log into your site as an Admin.
Go to  Store Information > Store Settings > Email Templates.

On the left hand site you will see all of the language versions. To add a new language, click Create New Language Pack.  Out of the box you will only have English.
Expand the language pack and then click on the template you would like to edit.


After clicking the Email Template title, the template's content will appear to on the top right:

When editing the text, keep in mind:

  • This is HTML, so line breaks will need a <br> tag
  • Avoid deleting the special template tags, they look like <% something %>
  • Making a backup for this folder before performing edits is a smart move


For a full description of each email template and when it is used, please see article Email Templates.