Step 1: Add the Shipping Option

Go to the shipping options page:

  1. Settings & Options
  2. Settings > Other Settings
  3. Select Shipping Options

Add a new Shipping Option "Will Call"

If you want to charge an extra fee for the "Will Call" option, enter in a price here, otherwise set it as 0.

Now add another Shipping Option called "Print at Home".

Step 2: Now you will need to enable this for each event.

Go to Manage Events 

Click each event, then go to the Advanced tab. Check the checkbox to Enable the Shipping Fee.

Now let's change the label "Shipping Information" to label closer to what we will call this, like: "eTicket Delivery Option"

Go to the Edit Lables page:

  1. Settings & Options
  2. Settings > Other Settings
  3. Edit Labels

Lookup any labels with the word "shipping"

Now click the "Add" link and enter in the new label.

Done: Let's give it a try

On the shopping cart page you can see there is two options:

Now when the order is complete you can go to the Reports > Order List Report

Next to Shipping Methods, click the link: (Display search by shipping options)
Now you can filter on the eTicket Delivery options, like Will Call.

On the view order pages you will see the eTicket delivery option.