SimpleTix currently includes a handful of reports. However your company may require custom reports.
We recommend using Excel with a plug-in to connect directly to your database to create these reports.

QuerySmith works with Microsoft Excel

QuerySmith is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, delivering query results directly to a new worksheet on each query execution. Email spreadsheet data exports to coworkers quickly and easily.

Benefits of Excel integration:

  • Query results are exported directly to Excel worksheets. Fine tune your query logic by examining previous results.
  • Create charts and pivot tables. Use the query results directly to create powerful data visualizations.
  • Update data from Excel worksheets. Worksheet data can be bound to table data, allowing you to make changes right from your Excel worksheet.
  • Use Excel formulas in your data migration processes. Use Excel formulas to perform data cleanup and validation before insertion into your database.
  • Email results to coworkers and partners. Coworkers often ask for an Excel file containing query results.