Promoters are able to view and download all eTickets and export participant lists in multiple formats. You can assign a promoter to different events, as well as, assign multiple promoters per event. Promoters log in at the Box Office & Administrator Login page (

This article only applies when  you're adding a new user to the system. If you need to change the role or add to the role of an existing user in the system, this article will help you: Editing/Adding User Roles.


  1. To add a promoter, go to Store Information > Users > Add


  2. Complete the form on the page. 


  3. Double check your entries, and make sure you have selected "Promoter" as the User Role.

  4. Click Save.


To view and/or edit a promoter profile, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Store Information > Users > View


  2. Check the promoter profile and make the necessary changes. 
  3. Click Save.