If you have an existing Squarespace website for your event, but want to use SimpleTix to sell your tickets, we have you covered!

You can add a "Buy Tickets Now" button anywhere on your existing website.  To do so, follow these simple steps:

1.  Log in to both your SimpleTix and Squarespace accounts.

2.  Create your even in your SimpleTix Admin Panel.

3.  Go to your event that you would like to add to your current squarespace site by going to Manage > Events > Click on event title

4.  After selecting the event you want to sell tickets to, click Advanced Options > Ticket Window

5.  Copy and Paste thie given code before the </head> tag on your website, as well as exactly where you would like the Ticket Window button to be displayed.

6.  To access the HTML editor on squarespace, access the CodeBlock editor on your site through a blog post.


Your final squarespace site will look like this: