With SimpleTix you can list & sell tickets to your events directly on your Facebook page.


  1. You need a Facebook Business / Fan Page
  2. Login into Facebook

 How to video :     http://vimeo.com/simpletix/review/102538182/67db817db8



Step 1: Setup a SimpleTix site

Step 2: Add events and events times on your SimpleTix site

Step 3: If you do not have a Facebook page, create one.

Step 4: Go to the SimpleTix App on Facebook.


Step 5: Click the image to add Simpletix to your page.



Step 6: Choose the page where you want to add the Simpletix App.


Step 7: Now navigate to your page on Facebook, click the "Events & Tickets" tab.



Step 8: Enter your Simpletix website address in the space provided and click Save.



Step 9: Choose what you want  to showcase on your Facebook page. It can be a slideshow of upcoming events, a specific event, a list of events or a specific event category.



Step 9: Check how the page looks using another Facebook account, on another browser or another computer.