In July 2014 SimpleTix added a new feature to support MailChimp's eCommerce360. After an email is sent from MailChimp you can track all tickets sales & event registrations where people clicked a link from that email.

As soon as the order is complete, SimpleTix will alert MailChimp of the completed order.

Setup Steps

Step 1: Create a new API Key

To to "Extras" and "API Keys"



We recommend that you create a unique key for just your SimpleTix site. Now click the "Create Key" button to create a new key now. 

Step 2: Add this MailChimp API Key to your site

From the store settings menu, choose settings and plugins.





Now click MailChimp, in the Analytics tab.




Click MailChimp and paste your API key into place. Then click Submit. Now it's all setup!



Usage Steps

Step 1: Create a new list or Select an existing list

Here's the link to this page:

Step 2: Create a new campaign

Be sure to check to enable ecommerce360


Step 3: Add links to your SimpleTix site

You can link to any page on your SimpleTix site, home page, event list page, event pages, or event time pages.



Step 4: Send!


Now all the email will contain special links to your site. That include rich details about what the original link was (text or image), and most importantly the Ecommerce360 tracking info.



Step 1: See campaign reports



Step: 2: See the Ecommerce360 reports



You can now run some clever marketing efforts such as segmenting your original list and sending  an email to just the people that have not bought tickets. Or sending just the people that did buy tickets an invite to your next event.

For example, here is how to segment all the recipients that did not buy tickets, so you can email them again about a special deal.