With SimpleTix, you can create a discount rule that will enable a discount to be triggered based on quantities added to cart. Examples of such discounts:

  • buy 1, no discount; buy 2 tickets get 10% off both; and buy 3 or more get 15% off all
  • buy 1, no discount; buy 2 tickets get $10 off both; and buy 3 or more get $15 off all

A premium account is mandatory to use this feature. Below are the steps to create discount rules:

  1. Log in to your Manager's Panel.  From here go to Promote > Discounts

  2. Select the event you would like the discount rule to apply to.


  3. Set the quantity that will trigger the discount rule.  You can do this by entering a value where it says "Set the quantity that enables the discount."  The number listed here will be activated when a customer purchases an amount greater to or equal to that amount.


    The example above is how you would add a "buy 1, get 1 50% off" discount.  The discount amount can be set to either a flat amount or a percentage off original ticket price.

  4. Set Criteria for the code.  You can do it to where the discount applies to the normal price of each ticket if...:

    every ticket is for the same event. 
    every ticket's seat/price group is for the same event time. 
    every has ticket is for the exact same section/price group of the same event time. (Price group / section mode) 
    every has ticket has the exact same seat of the same event. (Reserved seat mode)

  5. After you set your Criteria, make sure you select Save in order to save your discount code.  It will now be active on your SimpleTix account!

  6. You can always go back and edit your discount codes at any time as well.  When you finish making a discount code, you will come to a screen that looks like this:


    You can edit here by clicking the Edit button, or delete it as well by clicking the Delete button.

 Another example

In this example here the rule is: If someone buys 5 (or more) tickets to Peter Pan Live- they get $15 off each ticket. To qualify all tickets must be for the same event and event time. (e.g. 4 tickets for one performance + 1 ticket for another night- would not qualify)