Promotion codes can be used for newsletters or in advertisements or for special customers who you'd like to offer discounts to.  Use the promotion codes tool to attract more customers and create buzz and increase sales for events or products.   

If you would like to offer discounts to a specific group of participants, for example students, press, or sponsors, you can accomplish this by creating a Promotion Code. 

It is possible to base promotion codes:

  1. On the Overall Purchase
  2. For all Events
  3. Per one Event
  4. Per Specific Event Time
  5. For all Products
  6. Per Specific Product
  7. Any combination of Products and Events


Below are the steps for creating a single Promotion Code.

1. From the Admin Panel go to Promote > Promo Codes
2. Click the Add button

3. Code Name: This is the promotional code the user needs to use to redeem the discount when making the purchase in the Shopping Basket. Code names should consist of letters and numbers only. Special characters such as (@, *, -, %, &) are not allowed and will be automatically omitted if used in a promotion code.  Promotion codes are not capital and lowercase sensitive; in other words, if the user enters the pomo code in all caps or in lowercase, the system will accept either version.
4. Code type and Validity: Choose always valid if you want the code to be used repeatedly or else choose second option if you want the code to be used only for certain number of times.

5. Once you create the code the next is to define the discount.

Discounts can be calculated as the options described below:

  • By percentage: Enter the percentage of the discount - used for Ticket or Product discounts.
  • Per ticket: Certain amount per ticket - used for Ticket / Event discounts only.
  • Per purchase: Amount per purchase - will apply to the entire shopping basket, and it is not necessary to define for what events or products.  

6. Define the Code Validity:

  • Valid for the entire pre-sell period: The code becomes effective immediately after the creation until the event time
  • Specific period of time: Choose exact time period from certain date and time to certain date and time. - can be used for early bird specials.   

7. Select Events

  • Valid on all events: Select if you want to give discount on all events.
  • Valid on only selected events: Select the root event name for discounts for all event times for that event, or select specific event times.  
  • Valid only on selected event price groups:  Select a specific event price group that you would like to receive the discount.

8. Set Ticket Limit

  • Limit this per same event time and section: If you set the max tickets allowance to 2, and they buy 4 tickets (2 tickets in 2 different sections at the same event time) all 4 tickets will be eligible 
  • Limit this per same event time. (Will apply limit across sections): If you set the max tickets allowance to 2, and they buy 4 tickets (2 tickets in 2 different sections at the same event time) only 2 tickets will be eligible. If the tickets were for different dates all 4 would be eligible. 
  • Limit this per same event. (Will apply limit across times and sections) : If you set the max tickets allowance to 2, and they buy 4 tickets (2 tickets at the different event times) only 2 tickets will be eligible. 

Once you click the continue button you will see the promo code appear on the list of Promo Codes.  Mouse over the magnifying glass to see an overview of the promo code which was created. It is possible to update and delete promo codes from this list.  

Once the code is created anyone who has the promo code information can redeem it while purchasing a ticket and/or product on the site. A field will appear on the shopping basket page where the promo code has to be entered to redeem the discount.


Enter promo code and click “Apply promo code” and discount would be calculated automatically and the original price will be seen in red color with strike through.