We now support scanning & validating tickets using mobile devices. If you have a Windows phone, use the free SimpleTix Ticket Scan app instead.


  1. Register for a free account at: codereadr.com (Free is limited to 50 scans per month, upgrade to $9.99 and get unlimited)
  2. Check your email box, find a email sent from codereadr.com & click the verify link
  3. Sign into codereadr.com
  4. Optional: Delete the 10 sample services to avoid future confusion
  5. Click "Create a Service"
  6. On the "Create a Service" page, the 1st question is: "What will app-users do with this service?"
    1. Choose: "Redirect Scans to a Third Party Server"
    2. In the URL box type:  http://YOURDOMAIN/API/ScanTickets.aspx (change YOURDOMAIN to your site's domain)

    3. Then click "Create a Service"
    4. For Name enter "SimpleTix"
    5. Type anything for "Description", e.g. "Ticket Validation for SimpleTix site"
    6. Then click "Save and Continue"
    7. Confirm your user name is checked and click "Save and Continue"
    8. Ignore the next screen "Optional: Choose Questions" and click "Save and Continue"
    9. Ignore the next screen "Advanced Settings" and click "Save and Continue"
    10. Finally on the Summary screen click done
  7. Now download the app to your mobile device 
    1. iPhone
    2. Andriod
    3. Blackberry
  8. Run the app and sign in (use your codereadr.com account)

  9. Select the service: If you called it SimpleTix, click that
  10. Click continue
  11. You can tap the center logo and scan the first eTicket's barcode